Bucket List Poll — Results

I bet you’ve all been wondering how your Bucket List items stack up against other Gaspers.  Well, it looks like lots of you want to live at the beach, while Comic Con and Hillary are geek-quests shared by only a few.  Hmmm….

Haven’t weighed in yet?  You can take the Bucket List poll here.

Answer Percent
Live at the beach 12%
Write and publish a book 10%
Visit Germany (and have plenty of time to explore) 10%
Visit Australia / snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 7%
Be an audience member on the Ellen Show 7%
Dance at the weddings of my children 7%
Go to culinary school 7%
Hold all of my grandchildren 5%
Participate in an archaeological dig 5%
Go zip-lining someplace exotic 5%
Learn to surf 4%
Visit the Pyramids of Giza 4%
Vacation with my brothers and our families on a Lake Powell houseboat 4%
Take a camping trip on horseback 3%
Receive a blessing from the Pope 3%
Attend San Diego Comic Con with a really cool costume 2%
Walk the High Street and visit the Garden of my family’s ancestral village in England 2%
Meet Hillary Clinton 1%

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