PLM Interview

PLM_LogoRecently I was interviewed by the patient-support website about “Life on the List”.  You can check out the full interview here.

I love PLM because it provides a single, comprehensive location where I can track everything from my meds to treatments, hospitalizations, and even how I’m feeling today. The charts feature offers a running history that I can review as needed with my medical team.  Plus, the forums allow me to connect with other patients to ask questions, share ideas and encouragement, and offer feedback on a wide variety of pf-related issues.

A key component of PLM is data sharing between researchers and members. Researchers frequently send out requests to members to take part in questionnaires, interviews or surveys.  And, I can give them access to my charted info for further research and analysis.

If you haven’t visited, it’s well work a click.  They have communities for a wide variety of diseases, illnesses and conditions — even “rarities” like pulmonary fibrosis.


2 thoughts on “PLM Interview

  1. Lori,

    I’m glad a found your blog. The first few articles I’ve read are inspiring! I have been diagnosed with chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. At this time I function normally but my anticipation is rising. I’m busy researching so that I can understand and participate in the decisions that will come.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Doug! I’m glad you found me , too! It’s great that you actually have a cause — that test I and your team.something definite to work with. Other patients can offer a.lot as well — especially when it comes to living (and thriving) with pf. PLM has a great community, and there are several Facebook groups that offer plenty of info and support. Just remember that no one can tell how quickly or slowly this disease will go. Take care of yourself, eat a healthy diet, exercise and keep a positive outlook — those are your best weapons. Good luck! I’ll look for you on FB

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