I Got The Call!

This afternoon I learned that they have found a donor for me. I was already in the hospital, about to start plasma pheresis, a procedure that removes and temporarily suppresses antibodies. Our goal was to expand my potential pool of donors to improve my opportunity for transplant.

But “the call” came right before my first treatment. That was 2:00 this afternoon. It’s now 10:00 pm and we are still waiting for final confirmation from my surgeon that the lungs are good. I don’t think they are even here yet. It’s an involved process: recipients for as may organs as possible are found before anything is removed. So, there’s still potential that this could be a “dry run” — a no-go. I have a good feeling, though. I woke up feeling like this day was going to be extra special and so did my husband. I have faith that all will happen exactly when it should.

I always wondered how I’d feel when I got the call. When I heard the words “We may have a donor for you”, an electric “zing” ripped through my body. Could this really be it? After a few deep breaths and a quick reminder that we were still a long way off from actual transplant,  I calmed myself down. An hour later, my nurse came in and said we’re moving forward. At that point I burst into tears. During the past seven hours I’ve felt everything from pure elation to fear to sadness for my donor to an almost Zen-like calm. My emotions are truly a roller coaster, shifting and spinning moment to moment.

My family will be updating my Caringbridge page from this point forward. I will return to Reality Gasps after I’ve recovered a bit. I’ll even have pictures of my old and new lungs!


3 thoughts on “I Got The Call!

  1. Hi Lori
    I am hoping the best for you. I hope all went well and you got the transplant. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago and it has advanced rapidly, I have been reading all your blogs, and wow I keep reading and saying to myself wow that is what is going on with me. Right now I could be on the transplant team but of course I have to lose 30 pounds. How did you do it? My other question to you is, how did you come up with a support person? I don’t have anyone that can be with me 24/7 for the duration and then the SEVERAL THOUSANDS of dollars. before you can even walk out of the hospital? That is what I was told from the transplant team in Madison WI. I am not rich and surly don’t have cash underneath my mattress. what do you do? Am I putting the horse before the cart? I just feel like I need to get my ducks in a row.
    I hope all is going great for you, and can’t wait to hear from you when you are back to feeling good again. my prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Hi there! I work with Curtis and he stopped by this afternoon to share your great news! Praying for you and that this will not just be a dry run!! xo Kim

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